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Hi there!
Hi there!

Jacqui June, Creator

 My dream has always been to create quality media for kids. I was nine when I began making videos. Back then my films were more about potty humor and being secret agents who did cool stunts on trampolines and took down bad guys, often played by dogs or barely willing parents. Throughout high school and college I used film as a form of self expression and started considering how I could create media that would have a positive impact on society. 

At nineteen I began studying Child Development and started my first job as a children's entertainer. I spent my weekdays learning how to develop curriculums and my weekends learning how to get the best laughs from a gag during a puppet show. I knew that there must be a way to combine these passions, and early on realized that I wanted to make a children's series that would focus on children's emotional development. 

After studying Early Childhood Education I began attending UC Santa Cruz to study Film and Digital Media. It was there that I began outlining the concept for Lucy's House of Monsters.
Currently I work as a children's entertainer (seven years strong!) as well as at an outdoor education program with preschoolers and six year olds. I spend nearly every day with kids, and am constantly inspired by their interactions. Most nights I go home and write for Lucy's House.


Fun Fact: I love singing and writing music! I collaborated with Jon Hom on our theme song for Lucy's House of Monsters.



Rose Gonzales, 'Lucy'/Development

Rose is a wonderfully accomplished performer from Eastern Washington. Before making her way to California, she earned her BFA in Theater with a minor in Music from Pacific Lutheran University. 

I met Rose as a fellow performer for Happily Ever Laughter Parties. We have done many shows together where I have seen her engage children's imagination with her enchanting voice and story telling. As a performer, Rose always has a goofy face or silly song in her back pocket.

I am so excited that she has taken on the role of Lucy for our upcoming episodes! Currently she and I are working closely on developing Lucy and screenplays for future episodes.

Fun Fact: Rose is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan! Check out Rose's weekly Seahawks face paintings!

Mars Adams, Production Coordinator

Mars has an outstanding talent with coordinating events and productions. From organizing puppet supplies, to breaking down a call sheet, Mars becomes the grease in the machine of any project.

They attended UC Santa Cruz where they graduated with a degree in Community Studies. They spent their time in Santa Cruz coordinating youth programs, and an awards ceremony for honoring queer youth. Since graduating, Mars has managed theater productions, community events, and Bay Area independent film productions.

Due to Mars' focus on community building and effective communication strategies they grasp the concept of 'big picture' and succeed in getting eveyone on set what they need when they need it. I couldn't ask for a more helpful and amazing person to join me in Lucy's House of Monsters!

Fun Fact: Mars loves making headdresses!

Tasha Rose, Assistant Director/Seamstress/Puppet Designer

Tasha hails from Orange County, where she grew up making movies with friends, then studying film production in community college. While there she found her knack for the roles of script supervisor and assistant director.
I met Tasha in the Film and Digital Media program at UC Santa Cruz. During our time there we worked on several short films, and I got to experience her stellar work ethic and drive. Her professionalism and attention to detail on set made her my number one pick for an assistant director for Lucy's House of Monsters. 

On top of her value as a crew member on set, she is an incredibly talented seamstress who took on the task to take my doodles of Ruckus Raccoon, Betty the Dragon, and Fluff the Dog, and transform them into amazing puppets! Interested in something of your own design? Tasha does custom orders, here at her ETSY shop!

Fun Fact: Tasha operates Betty the Dragon in the pilot episode of Lucy's House! (And trust me, that's not an easy task!)


Jonathan Hom, Sound Engineer


 Jon and I have been collaborating on audio-visual projects for several years. Beyond creating the theme song for Lucy's House of Monsters, Jon recorded and mixed all of our sound for the pilot. Did you hear that airplane during the Trash Monsters scene? Yeah, me either! 

 When Jon isn't busy being a wonderfully patient and professional sound engineer with us, he is working on his music project, Jonathan Hom


Fun Fact: Jon brought an FX pedal over to one of our shoots, and the crew all sat around making silly monster noises. You can hear Jon and the rest of us in the background of our pilot!