Our Vision for Lucy's House

We want to work with our audience to create a live action children’s series with emphasis on emotional competancy and social skill development that addresses conflict resolution from a place of empathy, with a cast of characters that shows a diverse range of culture, class,  gender/sexuality, race, and learning styles.


At Lucy's House of Monsters we aim to create content that discusses different perspectives. Each conflict has two sides. As our monsters learn ways to empathize with one another, we hope our audience will learn too!

Each episode of Lucy's House of Monsters will focus on a different topic of emotional growth and social development. Our characters will experience situations common to young children, such as feeling impatient, left out, or lashing out with anger when you're scared. During the episode characters will vocalize their needs, and use tools such as conflict resolution, and emotional problem solving.


    We live in an amazing age in which we can communicate ideas faster and more effectively than ever.
   With that in mind, we want Lucy's House of Monsters to reflect the needs of its audience by communicating directly with parents, educators, and caretakers of all kinds. We will be using online forums, polls and surveys to gather what it is that you want most out of a children's program. Sure, we have plenty of ideas, but your input is so invaluable and we can't wait to hear from you!
Our facebook page has been a wonderful form for viewer feedback, check us out on Facebook


Audience Involvement


 Well, first off, puppets RULE! 

 Lucy's House is following in the footsteps of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street. We believe that by filming in live action, you create a tangible reality. We want children to know that Lucy's House is a physical place that someone built and that we are playing in.

 A benefit to live action is casting actors to portray positive adult role models. Misrepresentation runs rampid in media, and by creating positive representation in an early childhood program, we can make a lasting impact. We will also have portions of the show with real children talking about their own experiences on camera. With live action we have the power to bring our audience to the screen.

 Another reason for live action is to bring back the craft of children's programming. The sets in Lucy's House will be heavily stylized and hand crafted. With artistic influences like Pee Wee's Playhouse and Bear in the Big Blue House, we hope to create a house that will spark children's imaginations. 

Why puppets?