Lucy's Videos

Reacting and responding

When Ruckus reacts with anger while making origami, Lucy encourages him to try responding to his feelings instead.

Pizza and opinions

Lucy and Ruckus are in their blanket fort talking about their disagreement on what belongs on pizza. Ruckus learns some facts that change his opinion on pizza.

Monsters meet faeries

It looks like Lucy's House of Monsters has become infested with faeries who like to dance!

These faeries flew over from Happily Ever Laughter Parties! See more of this flock, or invite them to join a celebration:

Asking first

Ruckus wants to give Spooky a big hug, but when Spooky doesn't want one Ruckus goes to Lucy for some help. She suggests asking Spooky if he would like a hug, and if he doesn't want one, that's okay too!

Naming a blanket fort

Lucy and Ruckus built a blanket fort, but are at a loss of what to name it. They ask the monsters of the internet for some ideas!